Trad.Optima offers written translations: court approved, standard and specialized ones, from Polish into Spanish and from Spanish into Polish, as well as from Polish into English and from English into Polish. Our services are available for individuals as well as for companies and translation agencies.


We translate all documents necessary to settle down in Spain or in Poland, to acknowledge diplomas, start work, education or change your marital status. These include, among others: Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates; School Reports/Diplomas; Medical Reports, Notarized Deeds, etc.


We translate all documentation which is necessary to form a company in Poland or in Spain as well as all follow-up documentation, including: Articles of Association, Certificates of Incorporation, Revenue Service Statements, Bank statements, ets., contracts, business letters, web sites, advertising materials, etc.

TRANSLATION AGENCIES: We are experts on the following terminology

  • Law and Commerce
  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Metallurgy [ESP-PL, PL-ESP only]
  • Environment
  • Occupational Safety & Hygiene
  • Advertisement
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Sociology
  • Literature [ESP-PL, PL-ESP only]
  • Medicine [ENG-PL, PL-ENG only]
  • Agriculture (CAP)[ENG-PL, PL-ENG only]
  • European Union Policies [ENG-PL, PL-ENG only]
  • Computer Science [ENG-ESP-PL]

All translated documents to be presented to Polish authorities must be imprinted with an official seal of the court approved translator of Spanish in Poland or the court approved  translator of English in Poland and do not require any additional authentication.

All translated documents to be presented to Spanish authorities must bear a seal of the court approved translator of Polish in Spain and do not require any further authentication.

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