We can offer competitive prices starting from €0,08/word

2020 prices
Item Price
Standard translations ESP-POL and EN-POL 0,08 €/word
Standard translations POL-ESP and POL-EN 0,09 €/word
Sworn translations ESP-POL and EN-POL 0,10 €/word
Sworn translations POL-ESP and POL-EN 0,11 €/word
Sworn translations of standard documents 0,09 €/word
Technical translations 0,095 to 0,12 €/word
Verification of translated documents 0,04 €/word

(VAT not included)


If a text to be translated includes figures/graphs or other graphic elements the price shall be increased by 10%.

If you need your translation urgently (within 24 hours and only if the text does not exceed 3000 words) the price shall be increased by 30% for texts with up to 1000 words, and 50% for texts with between 1000 and 3000 words.

If your order is of an exceptional volume or you are interested in a long term cooperation with us, we can arrange a customized agreement according to your needs.

Minimum order: €30

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